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You can easily access all YouTube videos if you have internet connection. While, in some cases or places where no internet connection is available, you might want convert YouTube videos to MP4 so that you can watch them offline on any devices. Then you should just continue reading and find the solution you need.

Our free YouTube video converter mp4 will help you to do that easily and fast. Also, you can convert those videos to many popular formats, including MP4. Get ultimate experience watching MP4 videos in HQ. While many want to download YouTube videos, the only way to do so responsibly is on iOS and Android, by paying the $11.99 for YouTube Premium. Otherwise, you're violating YouTube's terms of.

1. Convert downloaded YouTube videos to MP4 (MPEG-4) on Mac

With a YouTube video converter, converting YouTube to MP4 can be done without much effort. Get a free copy of the Mac Video Converter using the download button below. (Fully support OS X 10.10 Yosemite, 10.9 Mountain Lion, 10.8 and earlier.)

  • 1) Start the program that you just downloaded and click 'Add Files' to import the YouTube video files you want to convert, or simply drag the videos to the program.
  • 2) Click on the drop-down menu on the right to bring up the format window. There are many formats for you. Find MP4 from all the options and select it as the output format.
  • 3) Additionally, there's a Settings menu for you to set video parameters such as codec, frame rate, biter rate, etc. When all is done, press 'Convert'.
Youtube Video Mp4 Converter Free Download MacYoutube video mp4 converter free download mac os

The converting process is pretty fast. Normally, you will get the MP4 video or videos you need in minutes. As long as you have the YouTube video downloaded previously, you don't need to worry about if you have good internet connection during converting YouTube videos.

2. Download and convert YouTube videos to MP4

If, on the other hand, the YouTube videos you want to convert to MP4 format are still on YouTube, you need to get the videos downloaded and then convert them to MP4. All this can be achieved with a Mac Video downloader. Below is a brief guide.

  • 1) Find the YouTube video you want to download with the inbuilt browser or provide the link of the video file.
  • 2) When the program finishes downloading, you can enter 'Downloaded' category. Click the 'Convert' button on the right of the target video and select MP4 format from the drop-down window. Then click 'OK' to proceed.

The Mac video downloader is powerful video downloader and it enables you to download videos from Vimeo, Hulu, Yahoo, TED, etc. as well. Try and I'm sure you will get many surprise as I do.

Youtube Video Mp4 Converter Free Download MacConverter

Faster downloads with shortcut and Youtube search

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If you like our site, and are planning to come back and use it again, - then try our shortcut. It's essentially a browser bookmark with a little code attached. To make it work –≤rag and drop the button into browser's bookmarks. Later, when you are on Youtube and decide to download a video you're watching, - click shortcut in your bookrmarks and you'll be sent here and video URL along with you, so basically you won't need to copy/paste video URL.

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Besides this shortcut, we have another way to speed up your experience and get you out of here with device full of music and videos. It's built-in Youtube search. It helps in case you are having trouble with copy-pasting video URL. But it only works for Youtube, mind that. You can simply click in the search box above, and start typing whatever you remember from video title or artist name. We will help with a dozen videos we think may fit your search. Well, Youtube thinks.. We just deliver results. So yeah, if you want to avoid coping URL or just want to find something new to listen to or watch - use our Youtube search.