What If? 

Digital Art Gallery
Kungming, China
Competition Finalist

Our proposal envisions a continuous suite of spaces, to create an effect of shortening the extremely long gallery space to more approachable sections.  Inspired by the beautiful curvatures of historic Chinese ceramics, our design derives an undulating, canyon-like experience that expands and compresses space along the route of the gallery through the use of soft-walls. These are defined by employing translucent white (fire retardant) curtains, stretched between curved steel tracks that are anchored to the ceiling and the floor slab. They also dramatically alter the acoustic atmosphere of the gallery.
To soften the activity of the ceiling, we propose placing a delicate white metal mesh on the ceiling to conceal and protect the wiring of the projectors, lighting, and sound systems. The texture of the ceiling is aesthetically similar to that of the fabric walls.
A diffuse and even lighting strategy allows for variation in the space, enables diverse types of digital media exhibitions, and affords the ability to modulate the light along the gallery space. The illumination is designed to enhance the natural light from the existing skylights. Due to the majority of the Tube being underground, we propose brightening the space from two locations: from above, through an array of recessed cylinder lights, and from behind the curtains, through surface light fixtures, giving the fabric walls a glowing effect.

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