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A minor bug fix release - Goliath 1.0.1 is now available.

2 bug fixes are included in this release:

  • Files with a / in their name are now handled properly.
  • A crash while trying to view the contents of folders that the current user does not have permissions to access.

Also, Japanese localized versions of Goliath are available. Check it out at http://park.zero.ad.jp/pautha/Goliath.html


Goliath is an application that creates and edits websites. It uses a technology called WebDAV (frequently called Web Folders) to make changes to the files stored on web servers. It was the first application to implement WebDAV on the Macintosh. Goliath exposes functionality similar to that found in the Windows version of Internet Explorer 5 plus many other features that are unique to the Mac.

With Goliath, users can:

  • View the contents of a web site in a Finder-like fashion (including size, modification date and type)
  • Upload new files to a website
  • Create new folders in web sites
  • Delete files and folders on a web site
  • Rename files on a web server
  • Download copies of files on a web server using Drag & Drop (including delete by dragging to the Trash)
  • Bookmark DAV resources for easy navigation
  • Lock and make changes to existing files on a web server (using the applications of their choice)
  • Display and editing of properties
  • Duplicate items stored on web servers
  • Native MacOSX support via Carbon.

Planned features for future versions of Goliath include:

  • Copy, and Move files and folders within a web site
  • DAV Searching (DASL)
  • AppleEvents scriptable
  • Future DAV initiatives (like DeltaV and ACL Support)

Goliath has been tested with a number of WebDAV servers. These include (alphabetically):

Please report any compatibility problems with other DAV server implementations.

System Requirements

The Classic MacOS application requires a PowerPC based Macintosh running MacOS 8.1 or higher. The Carbon version requires Mac OS X version 10.0.4 or greater.


Classic MacOS

An Disk image containing the latest version (1.0.1) of this application can be downloaded here (approx 1.5 MB BinHex encoded disk image). Decompress the file and double click on the .img file. A disk image named 'Goliath 1.0.1' should now be available. Simply drag and drop the Goliath folder contained within the disk image to your hard disk.

Mac OS X

DiskCopy archive for Mac OS X is available here. Decompress the file and double click on the .dmg file. A disk image named 'Goliath 1.0.1' should now be available. Simply drag and drop the Goliath folder contained within the disk image to your hard disk.

Source Code

For those who are technically inclined, the source code can be found here (approx 884 kb Stuff-It archive). In order to build this software, both CodeWarrior Pro 8.2 and version 1.9 of the DAVLib library are required.

Older downloads

An archive of older installations of goliath (along with their source code) is here

Online Help

Online help is installed with Goliath. These help files can also be found on the web at http://www.webdav.org/goliath/help0.9

Goliath Mailing List and FAQ

A mailing list has been created to discuss Goliath specifically and WebDAV on the Mac in general. Information about this mailing list can be found at http://mailman.lyra.org/mailman/listinfo/goliath. A Goliath FAQ is also available.


This software is released under the GNU General Public License, version 2.0 or above.

Contact Information

You can contact me by e-mail at [email protected]

As of this time, because of a family crisis and increased demands upon my time, I will be unable to respond to any e-mail regarding Goliath or WebDAV related issues. Any bugs submitted will be saved for a future date when I can resume work on Goliath.

(c)1999-2004, Thomas Bednarz. All Rights Reserved

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