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View Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator in the store Store page. Will this game become available on mac sometime soon? LSSeb Apr 13, 2017 @ 1:40am. Play Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator Online. It’s a good thing massive wars with all their plagues are left in the past. Today, we live a peaceful, comfortable life and don’t have to deal with military affairs – except in computer games. If you enjoy a good fight on your PC screen, welcome to a new online war strategy called Ultimate Epic. Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is a wacky physics-based tactics game. Experience accurate warfare through the ages. TABS uses state of the art physics-based simulation to provide you with never-before-seen insight into our greatest battles of history! I think my Mac can handle most games, and as a fact i've never had trouble with any games. AND i think my mac will run ultimate epic battle simulator, better than most gaming PC's because of the insane CPU i have, and this game is very CPU heavy. How to download ultimate epic battle simulator new 2019 Here: https://igg-games.com/ultimate-epic-195112250-battle-simulator-pc-free-download.html.


Can 1 million tortoises survive on you well that was a quick video you've got the head of the ground I think they're dead are they all day. Roll a million of them death hold the phone I don't think these are the, dead but I can't tell if thats just cuz they're tortoises hold on oh my god they survived kind of a million tortoises over here survivor nuke, oh my god yes all of these well this isn't a really fast spreading. Nuke is it hello on am the game people welcome back to ultimate epic battle simulator so I just. Thought we would we would give that a shot and see you see what kind of outcomes we got so there is a new unit if we can find it hold on it is it. I mean not. All of them appear oh no there it is the tortoise has 200 health and 33 attack damage what we are going to do is we're going to have a super tortoise there we go apparently via, customization screen it seems to fledge so we can't call it something good it's just going to be cold so this is. Also the new map actually the city of the lost we said oh oh, my god it's beautiful so give me a, second make some sort of an army okay I think this is a good starting point oh this is so cool it's like a breach as the army to take on, the air being coming tortoises BP oh they look so cute but, are they super deadly apart they move at 10 * feet i put i think some arches like little bit they'll probably be able to, squeeze through here and then attack the allottees i'm hoping before we get that start and let's have a look around this map there's a lot of flat. Places like they need to add. Dragon that's going to be a thing that he had dinosaurs then you add so much more my amazing gorgeous is gone there we go could anybody stand up to the services I don't. Think so oh oh weather going where they go where they are, what are they doing oh my god are they being clever it's like a raise rates and benny hill music here you, the world all I could reaction but he's gonna fishing, oh you know what it was I've starred this video and I thought you know what maybe I should make this video maybe you know told us is isn't good enough as, a unit to really cover yeah it is a new map but I think we've just found the best, the best creature did in the game look at them don't even care he's killed millions okay there they are turtle tortoise come but before them, lies the, 300 anat only that then like 400 medieval knights backed up by arches OD cook utica crucial and then a whole foot bridge of footmen I'll then finally at the end the one the only Chuck Norris you. Come the tortoises take on this entire army bring two one go brother sign up to the tortoise army, oh oh. Well that you're good the tortoises are just ripping through tsunami for surely they're all falling oh my god or any tortoise is dead I don't know if any services are dead they're just so. Appalling all the runs the medieval Knights always traitors the spot actually house online really well. Honest just carry through the artists it reverses this around the 301 Thornton has moved on to the bridge always full of a toilet and a third then, the pub and do anything that's awesome I don't know chuck norris you. Said to attack these all the way bees want to get past. Them sure oh god when these tortoises finally finish off the last oh oh oh oh the committing suicide Monica Miss America oh my god I'm gonna be amazing when they've. Been together Chuck Norris just. See of tortoises what's going to happen old sonorous so there you go he starts a kicking butt can chuck norris take on the. Mighty teratogen oh my God look at the attack and I don't mean you killed any it's a bloody fight now you can't kill chuck norris hahaha I was wondering what the hell. Is going on okay okay okay it's not a bad that's cheap right, okay I've decided to go in and change yourself from five million to. 500,000 I think if I think it's 50,000 yeah 50 thousands is help now so that super till shouldn't be too crazy super told us but I've added five thousand regular tortoises unless you see if they, can take this on I'm gonna add even more foot soldiers we're gonna have, like a thousand foot soldiers I'm going to place the killer tortoise all the way up the mountain so as soon as the battle starts I, mean they're gonna be fairly slow this is probably closes okay there they are there's all the, tortoises and there's the army I'm expecting the, taller sister such a really heavy losses 5,000 policies and there's like how many of these foot soldiers there is quite a. Few so many of them can you imagine this is real life good god I mean they must have been so far would it made a face, in the mountain but over here on the clip is the true hero there is I didn't we i. Didn't know whether these would be like proper cliffs or whatnot but the battle is about, to start go oh because if it did tortoises I don't really know if they've made much headway he's about to go. Into the back of the mill is you're going to ship them, all the siders you're gonna get stuck okay the family starting with the regular tortoises on the Spartans of the dime oh I'm the night the medieval Knights are having their go each facing us a. Wave of just moving, floor basically Bobby Shane specific see this is a bad about trying to be a Spartan because you have no god but you also have no tone so. You just got a big fleshy mass like walk around with a falling off the, cliff no oh that's not good oh no they can't swim the tortoise is not at all actually some of them have survived I think they're just good think they're just gonna say, that Oh that'd be amazing if they could push and they, would just push the night off the click that's what they would do you just slowly push the wrong I don't think a. Single Spartan inside oh and night has fallen killed by turtles and.

Tortoises oh I be I hate Tara titian I mean it's only a matter of time until one of them is allergic or get salmonella from their shells so that's a real oh oh. They're just, falling to their death though so not the smartest of beasts and then just fallen they should quite a few than alive you fall off the cliff.

You're into the tortures see this is an epic battle of epic proportions we've lost four spot for span and numerous nights I think we've also lost a ton, of tortoises just on the floor so oh there you go there's a.

Fifth one fallen walking Spartans do against such reckless hate still no sign of the amazing tortoise. Yet it's very likely though he's falling off the cliff or he's just. Stuck behind no stop falling off the cliff you fool yeah oh you could have been amazing it's like the 300 when they. Start knocking them off the cliff oh oh you know what I mean I think they're doing actually really well considering would they be. Any good well you know it's a hard time because can you imagine being the wife of this fun and getting the news that your, husband was killed by tortoises they wouldn't believe the tale if you told them.

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There they are okay let's highlight just in case we lose one um Go Go. Super tortoises go go get them yeah yeah oh no how well can they do they've got like fifty thousand. Hell I'll need to turn like over get there eventually or he's gonna bout yeah he's gonna help his friend now go go help them the. One in this phone just made a line straight through oh oh no oh they moved on to the arches oh god he's still going a bottle from all from. Mr. feed this up how are you doing dude yeah just take a lot of pink to kill like a single spawn now. Know that yet, they're falling off the cliff again yet we feel that coming but once they kill the sponge then they can easy go and kill the rest of them oh he's, like other forces on this side but there's a super tortoise on this side, are you don't stand a chance buddy the tortoise horn will consume all you don't you do drew could you move Oh No hold, on there is one still going that I'm sure of I think the rest of title of you seen this Larry look at all these tortoises Oh Rick and, easy 20 Mike phases so many were five or no that's not, calmly died love like literally burn them down oh god what's going, on over there all of our men it being killed what is it where are they what killing. Them yeah you wouldn't even see them coming oh this is amazing on the throw let's road again them all are all this popping off the cliff as usual guy you can't do it, you must run abandon, your people if they could do this I can flee but if they're not coming good see this is, the only guy who's got some sense and he's taking it because signed up for this fall so they keep going keep going we can do this we can do this run. Oh God look at them they're all blood red come on we just need to get, to the top of the clip somehow come on we got this because we could do this on out here I. Can't just like that oh good yep they will make it away so guys we try this video but they were like oh that was so much fun until. Next I'll see you later bye .