Seoul Biennale of Architecture + Urbanism 2021

Exhibition Proposal 
Seoul, South Korea

Our proposal was shortlisted for the main exhibition of the 2021 Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism. Out of 1433 applications, 117 projects were selected to move forward for the first phase of the process. The theme for the biennale is “Crossroads: Building the Resilient City” and is curated by Dominique Perrault. This project is a continuation on our research on Chicago’s unique network of alleyways.
The installation for our project represents a captured four-meter diameter section of the field condition that is the city of Chicago, at 1:100 scale. Represented by CNC milled simple plywood forms, the proposed alleyways are elevated to 900 mm (3 feet) on powder-coated steel legs with discrete lateral cross bracing. Lifting just the alleyways represents the elevation of underutilized space and the creation of a new ground condition in the city.
Set on the wooden platforms, birdhouse like dwelling units, stores, garages, and workshops are represented with 3D printed models. Scale figures populate the installation to provide scale and show the animated alleyway spaces. Among the 3D printed architectures & accessories, the wood alleyway platforms are annotated with playful notes explaining the project in greater detail. We hope that visitors can identify with and be inspired by the possibilities that Up(ing) Your Alley proposes.
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