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Every edition of Retrospect includes our extensive feature set for complete data protection.


Download Retrospect for Mac - A complex and secure data protection and backup solution for the macOS designed to help you keep your information safe yet easily accessible. Download Retrospect Backup 17. Additional Features. Every edition of Retrospect includes our extensive feature set for complete data protection. Retrospect for Mac supports the following Apple OS X operating systems for local and client backup and the following Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems for client backup.


Retrospect Mac Download Windows 10

  • Centralized Management

    Retrospect's high-level dashboard provides a high-level view of the entire state of your backup environment.

  • Cross-Platform Support

    Heterogeneous networks are protected using Retrospect’s native client software, ensuring perfect backups regardless of operating system.

  • End-to-End Security

    Retrospect supports a variety of encryption algorithms, including AES-256, for both at-rest and in-transit security options.

  • Smart Incremental Backup

    Intelligent incremental backups enable Retrospect to backup up only new or changed files.

  • Smart Restore

    Retrospect always restores exactly the files that belong on a volume; no unwanted files get restored and later require cleanup.

  • Fit any Storage Budget

    Grooming allows customers to stay protected with a long-term backup retention policy to ensure recovery from yesterday, last month, or five years ago, using storage that fits their budget.

  • Monitoring Tools

    Retrospect integrates with the latest monitoring systems, including Nagios, Slack, and IFTTT.

  • Data Deduplication

    Retrospect maximizes storage usage by only copying unique files—even across multiple computers—to the backup media.

  • Disaster Recovery

    Boot media can be created for nearly every Windows system protected by Retrospect to provide fast recovery from a non-bootable state.

  • Flexible Destination

    Retrospect supports most types of magnetic media for backup, including hard disk drives, network-attached disk, cloud storage, flash media, and every major tape format.

  • Perpetual License

    Each copy of Retrospect is a lifetime license for data protection, with no monthly subscription fees and affordable upgrade pricing.

  • Powerful Filtering

    To include or skip specific files, folders, and volumes, or to back up only specific data to cloud storage, Retrospect includes both built-in and user-definable selectors that filter data based on a multitude of conditions, including file names, dates, and types.

  • Power Conservation

    To reduce the overall power demands for backups, Retrospect awakens sleeping/stand-by mode computers to back them up and then allows them to return to their low-power state.

  • Monitor on an iPhone

    Use the free Retrospect iOS app on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to keep tabs on backups over Wi-Fi or 3/4G.