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Proud associate of PPTools converts PowerPoint film negatives to high-quality pictures. Exports HTML also from PowerPoint 2010 and 2013, provides you full control of PowerPoint HTML output, helps meet Section 508 access specifications Excel data into PowerPoint sales pitches to produce certificates, awards presentations, individualized sales pitches and more your presentations rapidly and without distortion switches the text message in your presentation from one language to another helps prevent broken links when you disperse PowerPoint reports brings styles to PowerPoint. Apply complex format with a single click.

PowerPoint for Microsoft 365 and PowerPoint for the web now offer captions or subtitles shown live on the big screen as you present to your audience. Download an O365 subscription with Microsoft PowerPoint if you need a familiar, fast, and ever-evolving presentation software. Go for Google Slides if you are willing to work through a learning curve, adapt to a new interface, and if there will not be a negative reception of non-Microsoft products at.

Keeps interactivity in PowerPoint demonstrations when you transform to PDF. Personal computer to Mac and Back If you need to make reports on the Mac pc and shift them to the Personal computer (or vice versa), this can be a good location to begin.

And this is usually just a begin. We'll include more details as we learn even more. And we'll stage you to additional good resources of information. For example, Jim Gordon's outstanding web page on OfficeForMacHelp.com PowerPoint Variations Before we begin, consider that you'll end up being coping with various versions of PowerPoint simply because well as various systems. This is certainly generally about Personal computer/Mac problems, so we won't take PowerPoint version differences into account here additional than this common place of rules: We'll ignore versions of PowerPoint prior to 98 (Mac pc) and 97 (Home windows). PowerPoint 97 (Windows) can be very very much like PowerPoint 98 (Mac).

2016 version of office finally gives virtually the same experience / functionality between Mac and PC, which really helps when I swap from work to home. If you are a lighter user, or don't swap between home and office too much, then stick with 2011 version. What is the difference between microsoft office 365 and microsoft office 2016? How different is Microsoft Office for Mac from the Windows version? Ask New Question. Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac is a program used to create presentations and slide shows. It is one of several standard applications, along with Word for Mac and Excel for Mac, included with Microsoft Office for Mac. PowerPoint for Mac is commonly used in business and educational environments to present information to an audience. Microsoft fice 2016 Preview Available for Mac as Free Download img source: osxdaily.com. How to Embed a video in a slide in Microsoft PowerPoint Mac 2011 img source: ms-office.wonderhowto.com. What is the difference between MS word and MS PowerPoint Quora.

PowerPoint 2000 (Home windows) has no equivalent on Mac, but it only added a few new features to PowerPoint 97. For all useful reasons, you can consider PowerPoint 97 and 2000 (Windows) and PowerPoint 98 (Macintosh) fairly very much the same. PowerPoint 2002 (Home windows) and PowerPoint 2001 (Mac) both included multiple masters and a great deal of additional new features and bring the Mac pc and Computer versions into tough equivalence again. 2002/2003 furthermore have motion path computer animation, backed by the PowerPoint 2003 viewer. Mac pc PowerPoint variations can't create motion route animations but beginning with PowerPoint 2004 for Macintosh, sales pitches with movement route animations developed on Windows can end up being viewed properly on the Mac pc. PowerPoint Times (Mac) can be roughly similar to PowerPoint 2002 (Windows) again. It's the 1st PowerPoint edition that's fully compatible with Operating-system Back button.


PowerPoint 2004 (Macintosh) adds a few new features and better assistance for the multiple masters and animations on the equivalent Windows variations (PPT 2002 and 2003). PowerPoint 2008 (Mac pc) and PowerPoint 2007 (Home windows) are usually again approximate equivalents. Both make use of the new Office XML document platforms. PowerPoint 2011 (Mac) and PowerPoint 2010 (Windows) are usually once again rough equivalents, and make use of the exact same Workplace XML file platforms as 2008 and 2007. PowerPoint Audiences. The PowerPoint 97 Audience for Home windows is successfully the exact same as PowerPoint 97 (Windows) without VBA.

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The PowerPoint 2003 Viewer for Windows is efficiently the exact same as PowerPoint 2003 (Windows) without VBA. The PowerPoint 2007 Viewer for Home windows is definitely the exact same as the PowerPoint 2003 Viewer plus extra compatibility software that enables it to convert PowerPoint 2007 documents to 2003 file format and open up them. The Mac pc Viewer is efficiently the exact same as PowerPoint 98 (Macintosh) without VBA, só the PowerPoint 97 (Windows) and PowerPoint 98 (Macintosh) viewers are roughly similar. The Macintosh Viewer operates only under Mac pc Operating-system 9 and previous or in Classic mode, indicating that they simply no longer function at all in contemporary variations of MacOS X. There's no later on Mac viewer version.

File Forms PowerPoint 97 through 2003 (Windows) and PowerPoint 98 through 2004 (Macintosh) share the same file structure. They can all of open up one another's documents. PowerPoint 2007 (Windows) and 2008 (Mac) introduced a brand-new file format centered on XML. PowérPoint 2007/2010/2008/2011 can open up documents from previous versions and conserve back again to the earlier forms, but it's wise to check with your specific presentation; some functions look the same when 'backsaved' but become uneditable. Document compatibility exceptions:.

Home windows versions since 2002 can utilize password security to data files. Mac PPT 2011 can open up password-protected data files, but prior versions can'testosterone levels. All Windows variations can embed fonts. Mac pc variations can open data files that consist of inserted fonts but cannot use the fonts. PowérPoint 2004 for Mac and later on include a new feature that will be made to alleviate numerous of the typical head aches in optimizing demonstrations for some other versions and various other platforms. This new Office-wide feature is known as Compatibility Report, and can be accessed very easily from PowerPoint from the Tools menu.

If you develop on Mac pc, then proceed to PC. Wear't make use of overly long filenames for your data files and prevent punctuation character types various other than dashes ( - ) ánd underscores ( ). Avoid spaces too. Use underscores instead of areas or use CamelCasingToDistinguishWords. Upper/lower case doesn't issue to Macintosh or Personal computer, even though you'll want to end up being conscious of it if you do much function in Airport on the Mac pc, where it can make a difference. But if you understand what to perform in Port, you already knew that. Make use of the suitable extension.

The component after the time period. In your fiIenames. If you'ré keeping from PowerPoint 2007/2008/2010/2011 format, make use of.PPTX,.PPSX,.PPTM etc.

lf you're saving to an previous version format or saving from an earlier version, use.PPT or.PPS. Quicktime-compressed images earned't work on the Computer. Put on't copy/paste images into PowerPoint. Make use of Insert, Image, From File instead. /best-external-dvd-drive-for-mac.html. Make use of JPG or PNG platforms for pictures.

Quicktime movies seldom function on Computers. Use MPEG or AVI rather. The one exclusion: if Quicktime and PowerPoint 2010 are set up on the PC, Quicktime films will enjoy.

Hyperlinks to exterior graphics files will crack. Embed all graphics. Links to most mass media data files will split UNLESS you duplicate the mass media document to the foIder where the PowérPoint file can be, and just then insert it. Find for even more information. Check out Format, Replace Fonts to see what fonts are usually used in your display.

You can safely rely on Arial, Occasions New Roman, Courier and Symbol being present on every Computer. Tahoma and Verdana will become right now there on any PC with Workplace 97 or later on, but may not be presently there if the Personal computer has only the free of charge PowerPoint Viewer. Remember, Mac versions of PowerPoint can'testosterone levels introduce fonts or use inserted fonts. Use just RGB colour for your PowerPoint images.

PowerPoint will transform CMYK or Pantone colors to RGB anyway. It's much better to perform it yourself só you can manage the transformation. In situation that't not a persuasive argument, attempt this: PowerPoint may substitute a reddish Back button for CMYK graphics.

Stay with RGB. Ungroup, then regroup imported images to convert them to PowerPoint shapes. Do the exact same to inserted graphs if you put on't need them to be editable on the additional platform. Put on't press your text message too tightly into placeholders. Font substitution and small differences in text object rendering on Macintosh vs . PC can causé your text tó get truncated ór spill out óf too-tight téxt boxes. If yóu generate on Computer then proceed to Macintosh.

Don't make use of overly lengthy filenames for your files and avoid punctuation character types additional than dashes ( - ) ánd underscores ( ). Avoid spots too. Use underscores instead of spaces or make use of CamelCasingToDistinguishWords.

Top/lower situation doesn'capital t matter to Mac pc or PC, even though you'll desire to be conscious of it if you do much function in Port on the Macintosh, where it can create a distinction. But if you know what to perform in Airport, you currently knew that. Use the suitable expansion. The component after the period.

In your fiIenames. If you'ré keeping from PowerPoint 2007/2008/2010/2011 file format, use.PPTX,.PPSX,.PPTM etc. lf you're saving to an previous version format or conserving from an earlier version, make use of.PPT or even.PPS. Ungroup, after that regroup imported graphics to transform them to PowerPoint forms. Do the same to charts if you put on't need them to become editable on the other platform.

Hyperlinks to exterior graphics files will break. Embed all images. Links to most press data files will split UNLESS you duplicate the mass media file to the foIder where the PowérPoint document is certainly, and only then put it. Find for more information. Don't make use of WMV (Home windows Media Player) documents for films or noises. AVI or MPEG are usually better options.

Explains why and offers some workarounds. Various knowledgeable Mac pc users possess suggested 3rd party items such as to enable Windows Media Player documents on Mac pc. View your fonts. Check Structure, Replace Fonts to observe what fonts are utilized in your demonstration. You can properly count number on Arial, Instances New Roman, Courier and Image being present on most Apple computers. Tahoma and Verdana will be on any PC with Office installed, but may not be existing if the Macintosh has just the free of charge PowerPoint Viewers. Mac variations of PowerPoint can'testosterone levels use embedded fonts.


Wear't press your text message too tightly into placeholders. Font replacement and slight differences in text rendering on Macintosh vs PC can causé your text tó get truncated ór spill out óf too-tight téxt boxes. X-PIatform in either direction, Personal computer to Macintosh or Mac pc to Computer. Embedded items (Phrase furniture, Excel graphs/sheets, graphs, etc.) may not translate properly. Wherever feasible, make use of the equipment constructed into PowerPoint (ie, PowerPoint's table editor in PPT2000 and up on Computer, PPT-X and upward on Mac) instead than items made in exterior applications.

If you must use objects from exterior apps, ungroup then immediately regroup them before you deliver them to the additional platform. This converts them to PowerPoint styles. If they put on't ungroup cIeanly, it's á near-sure matter that they'chemical have caused problems on the various other platform anyhow. Deal with ungrouping as an Early Caution System. Whereas PowerPoint for Macintosh uses QuickTime to handle audio and video, the Windows version uses built-in Home windows features, which greatly limits the amount of document varieties that can end up being seen on both systems (just a several, like MPEG ánd AVI can end up being handled on both).

Fonts are 'encoded' in a different way on Personal computers and Macs. That can result in some people to change or disappear when your data files proceed between platforms. Discover for more info and a PDF that consists of a chart comparing the two encoding techniques.

Slide Displays - when you view a Kiosk Mode slide show on the PC, you can use the Tab essential to proceed from one link to the next and the Enter key to switch on the hyperlink. This doesn't function on Macintosh.

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Microsoft Office 2016 for the Mac can be the type of upgrade I wish for but rarely get. It had taken five years from Workplace 2011't discharge to obtain this most recent Mac office suite, but it has been well well worth the wait around. Almost everything is certainly enhanced, with a bright, spacious interface, however the understanding curve is usually almost toned. That'h because all of the collection's important features work as they generally did, though with added options and conveniences. There'beds nothing at all so startlingly brand-new that it will get in the method of. In September 2016, Microsoft launched an automatic update that replaced the previous 32-little bit code of Workplace for the Mac with 64-little bit code.

The 64-bit version starts up quicker, but otherwise it appears and works like the previous program code, which has been already an Editors' Choice for workplace suites. Payment Options Microsoft managed to make using Office for the Mac pc easy for anyone acquainted with Office for Windows, while also adding it even more closely than actually into the Operating-system X ecosystem.

Clients can download 0ffice 2016 for simply because little as $6.99 per month for one license, or $69.99 per 12 months. If you choose the traditional buy-once-use-forever design, Office Home and Business will operate you $229.99 for one permit.

A stripped-down Workplace Home and College student is furthermore obtainable for a $149.99 one time fee. The major distinction in House and Student is that it does not consist of View or Access. If you can't afford also the $6.99 per month, you might consider the free, but you'll be compromising some polish and capabilities by performing so.

Enhanced Everything Office 2016 looks and functions better than Office 2011-and it carefully resembles. The ribbon interface is redesigned, with the exact same flat look as the Home windows version and the Workplace mobile apps. The Mac version features a modern task-pane interface for selecting text designs, building recipes, and similar features.

Long lasting Windows users will delight that Home windows key assignments, like as Ctrl-O for Open up and Ctrl-F for Come across, now furthermore work in the Mac pc edition. There's no want to keep in mind to push Cmd instead of Ctrl. Mác-Native The suite also will get Mac-native functions like pinch-to-zoom as nicely as assistance for Retina displays, so text message and images have got sharper resolution than actually before. Term and PowerPoint enable simultaneous editing and enhancing by multiple users. Under the hood, the entire suite offers ended up réwritten with up-to-daté code, and it operates just on the almost all recent versions of OS X, specifically Yosemite. Online posting via Microsoft's i9000 SharePoint services or its cloud-based provider is smooth among all Office systems.

You can prevent work on one platform and choose up specifically where you remaining off on another-I attempted it with the Macintosh, Windows, and iPad vérsions-and you cán easily restore earlier variations of files preserved to the fog up. It would be good to possess built-in integration, but I doubt it's heading to take place any period soon. Elements The Mac version of the collection comprises Word, Excel, PowerPoint, View, and OneNote. Microsoft up to date Outlook and OneNote priór to this discharge, so the most recent versions of these two elements are just a minimal, though pleasant, upgrade. Phrase, Excel, and PowerPoint are all faster, less difficult to use, and even more elegant. Many features are usually almost identical those of the Home windows variations, but not all. For instance, the Macintosh edition can't transfer PDF data files and make editable Workplace papers from the contents, but the Windows edition can.

However, PowerPoint for the Mac proceeds to outclass the Home windows version in its Reorder Items feature. On the Mac, you reorder items by hauling them forwards or back in an animatéd three-dimensional see, while in Home windows you move objects up and lower in a less convenient listing structure. A several features have disappeared from the previous version. For illustration, the Posting Layout choice in Phrase that made Word action more like a pagé-layout app instead than a word processor is definitely gone, mainly because is the capability to piece together the tab order on the Ribbon. Apple company's Word competitor merely can't compete on power-user features like advanced typography and footnotés and endnotes. Likewise, trails Excel when it arrives to sophisticated scientific and technical work., on the some other hand, is usually much better than PowerPoint in many ways.

It does not have some of the technical capabilities of Microsoft's i9000 supplying, but it's remarkably powerful and produces amazing-looking reports, winning it the Editors' Selection for Operating-system X. Overall, Apple company's selection is very good. As a whole, however, Workplace trumps it. Interface The Bows user interface on the Mac closely matches that of the Home windows edition, with the same dividers and features on both platforms, though with small differences to suit the operating system-for illustration, the Macintosh version merchandise the Bows with a top-line menus, like the menus in all some other OS Back button apps, though the Windows version provides only the Bows. As in the Windows variations of Workplace, Word gets a Style pane rather of a floating Inspector -panel, Excel will get a Formula-buiIding pane, PowerPoint gets an Animation pane. Word and PowerPoint obtain threaded comments-comménts that can be connected to earlier comments to generate collapsible debate strings. Excel gets the solid Recommended Graphs feature from the Home windows version-and furthermore PivotTable Slicers and enhanced AutoComplete.

Phrase for the Mac finally gets the one function I've wished forever-the capability to click on on the empty room between webpages and conceal the web page header and footér, so that text moves from one web page to the following with just a thin series between the web pages, not an inches or more óf blank space. l observed one first-release glitch when I originally looked at Workplace for the Macintosh when it very first released in 2015. When I kept a Term document to PDF, the links in the ended up saving PDF didn'testosterone levels function, because an extra character somehow got included to the Internet address. The issue has been set in the latest update, however. Mac MVP Overall, Workplace 2016 for the Mac pc is a highly successful upgrade, getting the greatest of Office to Apple company customers.

If you're choosing an workplace selection, the option is apparent for anyone who wants advanced functions. Phrase and Excel surpass Apple's Pages and Quantities, and PowerPoint is usually close enough to Apple's outstanding Keynote to maintain Office customers from envying Keynote customers. Workplace for the Mac can be the very clear winner of the Editors' Choice prize for Operating-system X workplace suites.

Along the ranges of DeltaMac's i9000 remark: if going with Office, do you actually require 2016? What function in there that is usually a need to want. I'm working with 2011.

It generates the latest MS types (ie. Docx, xlsx, pptx, released in 2007?), just like 2016. And plenty of individuals/services can't handle these formats, so, you are creating documents in the outdated types, which 2011 handles just great. Even then, 95% of the period, I'michael making use of LibreOffice, which will a good enough job (for most of my scenarios) in doing these types as properly. Office will be presently there for those situations where thére's something 'óff' with the Master of science file and can only be handled correctly in Office. Then again, this is arriving from a man that utilized Office 2003 in an XP virtual-machine for 10 yrs, until Workplace 2013 was introduced and Amazon .

com dropped the pricé of 2011 to $70-80, getting me to get a more current version and for Mac. I have got an Workplace 365 subscription.

It enables me to set up Office 2016 for Mac, which is certainly the best version for Mac pc yet, but miles behind the Home windows version. I can furthermore run Office 2016 for Home windows on BootCamp/Parallels, which can be the real deal.

Plus, I have additional installation to make use of on various other computer systems and I can furthermore set up it on smartphones and pills. While Workplace 365 is certainly costly (US$ 100), it can end up being discovered cheaper. It is presently at Us all$ 85, and the keycard will be US$ 82, at Amazon . com.com, for instance. I get an Office 365 licence for free from my university and so improved to 2016 when it was released. 2011 Excel and Powerpoint had been good, but I found Word to end up being horribly outdated, laggy when handling larger records and difficult to get around making use of the Macintosh trackpad. 2016 Term is considerably superior to navigate and use, and looks much more clean.

In the mean time, I've discovered Excel and Powerpoint to be just as good as before. Never got any problems with it becoming gradual, although I have got a fairly beefed up 15 inches retina.

Not heard any problems from my course mates possibly. I possess an Workplace 365 subscription. It allows me to install Office 2016 for Mac, which will be the greatest version for Mac however, but mls behind the Windows edition. I can also run Workplace 2016 for Home windows on BootCamp/Parallels, which is the true deal.

Plus, I have additional installations to use on some other computer systems and I can furthermore install it on smartphones and pills. While Workplace 365 is certainly costly (US$ 100), it can become discovered cheaper. It is usually currently at US$ 85, and the keycard will be US$ 82, at Amazon . com.com, for example. Click to expand.Since purchasing an iPad Atmosphere 2 final Fall, I've ended up giving the fresh edition of iWork another chance. Mainly because of the solid document compatibility between thé iOS and 0SX variations.

Powerpoint For Mac Free Download 2014

I do miss some of the even more advanced features of iWork '09 (but maintain THAT around as well, LOL) I'meters quite impressed with the ease of functioning on files on the iMác/Macbook and after that switching to the iPád. And with spIitwindow support in iOS 9, the Air flow 2 is becoming a viable option. I've been a little bit discouraged with trying to make use of MS Workplace across gadgets and systems. Primarily credited to the tighter integration with OneDrive.

I have found OneDrive to end up being highly unreliable when syncing the OneDrive fog up with even more than one device. Another limitation is certainly in the iOS edition of Master of science Office. Click on to expand. I put on't use giant Word files but for normal make use of I found Workplace 2011 for mac and the newer Office 2016 for mac flawlessly acceptable. Maybe testing acceleration and therefore on with a stop view or related method might show benefits of the Windows counterparts, which, coming from Microsoft would not really shock me but for every day use I got never problems on the mac part. As to LibreOffice and similar free office applications it's often fine to discover things produced to help other people instead of snatching their money.

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I'll stick with Office 2011 since I possess the 3 Times install edition. I furthermore have Office 2016 and agree with the fact with the prior replies that it'beds bloatware.

Compare Mac Office 2011 And 2016

Also in 2016 there is usually no way (yet) to make modifications to the Bows or to the Quick menu. Workplace 2011 is definitely still completely configurable and continues to function with all Workplace files and with the latest up-date of Un Capitan. Since Pages, Quantities, and Keynote are usually now free of charge with a fresh Macintosh, and unless you absolutely need Workplace for document trade with some other users, the iWork apps should suffice for most folks.

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