In Open Air

Public Sculpture
Viseu, Portugal 

In Open Air is a three-dimensionalization of Josef Albers’ ideas on capturing light, and spatial perspectives. It consists of a series of white thresholds, arranged in a simple and scaled pattern to offset the natural, beautiful landscape of Fontelo Wood in Viseu, Portugal.
Our design is site-specific; placing the structure on the forest-lined path encourages a new relationship between the visitors and the rich landscape. The intention of the installation is to amplify the experience of the forest, while the structure itself recedes. The pavilion is designed for easy assembly: it is made of a series of steel frames, connected through very minimal structural connections that provide lateral and vertical support. All of the materials used are renewable and/ or recyclable. The base dimension of the first gateway is that of a standard door, which is a very familiar dimension to visitors from any country. The gateways are scaled to open up the view towards the forest and play with the visitors’ perspectives as they travel around and through the piece. Through our use of the single, pure color of white, we echo the minimalist, linear form and juxtapose it with the wild, organic elements of the forest. In Open Air is a portal to new perspectives on the landscape.
Exhibited in “Working Remotely,” at a83 Gallery, 83 Grand Street, New York, NY

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