Photos Won T Download From Iphone To Mac

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A seemingly random portion of the images stored in the 'Photos' app on my iPhone will not transfer to the 'Photos' application on my MacBook. When I plug my phone into my computer, Photos asks if I would like to import the new images from my phone, but it seemingly disregards months worth of images that are also new and do not already exist in the 'Photos' section of my computer.

Importing iPhone photos to Mac is easy most of the time. You use a USB cable to plug your iPhone into the Mac computer, then open the Photos app on Mac, find your iPhone and click Import to get the iPhone photos on Mac. I tried everything listed below (restarting, trying to get my mac to recognize my iPhone via Image Capture, etc) to no avail. I JUST got it working, again! After doing a fresh synch, I powered off my iPHONE 6 (can't believe I didn't do it sooner!!!!) and did a restart on my MacBook Pro at the same time. Question: Q: Photos won't download photos from my iPhone Ever since I upgraded to El Capitan, Photos won't download my photos from my iPhone 6. I open Photos on my desktop, click on the iPhone icon, but it doesn't see any photos, although there are many on my phone. Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your Mac via USB cable. Step 2: Open iPhoto App on your Mac. Usually, this would be opened automatically when you used the app before. Step 3: iPhoto starts to scan and load photos on your iPhone. Select the photos and click Import Selected. After that, iPhone asks you to delete those photos from iPhone or keep.

Photos Won T Download From Iphone To Mac

Could this have something to do with the age of the photos? e.g. that they are newer than the last time I transferred all of my photos from my phone to my computer but older than an arbitrary date (say the past 30 days)? If so, is there a way to do a forced backup of the entire Photos app on my phone to the Photos application on my MacBook?


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Photos Won't Download From Iphone To Mac

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