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Zachtronics launched Zachademics in June 2019, a program to allow educational and non-profit institutions to freely download and use Infinifactory, TIS-100, Shenzen I/O, Opus Magnum and Exapunks for educational purposes. Infiniminer is an open source. Infiniminer is a block sandbox game in which players can cave out scenery to get more blocks, and put them wherever and however they want such as creating structures using anything that comes to mind. In reality, the game is set to be competative, but with the flow of time it has turned into a creative game that gives your imagination the reins. Meet Infiniminer, a great game idea that was about team based competitive mining. It’s also the one from which Minecraft was inspired. Unfortunately, this little sandbox game didn't make it in the real world for too long because its source code got extracted from the binaries and from that point on interest.


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Infiniminer is no longer available. The developer has discontinued this game. Please download one of the similar games listed here.

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Infiniminer is commonly associated with Minecraft for giving Notch an idea on where to go with Minecraft, sometimes as a forerunner. It was developed by Zachtronics Industries, and released in steps of incremental updates during April–May 2009. It quickly garnered a following on message boards around the internet, and inspired Notch to start working on Minecraft several weeks after it was discontinued. Like Minecraft, Infiniminer is a block-based digging/building game. It was originally intended to be played as a team-based competitive game, where the goal is to locate and excavate precious metals, and bring your findings to the surface to earn points for your team. However, as the game gained popularity, players decided it was much more fun to build things than to compete for points. Zachtronics discontinued development of the game less than a month after its first release. The source code was un-obfuscated, which resulted in many hackers creating hacked clients, and others who were unhappy with balancing to fork, causing it to fatally lose coherence.

Note: To play, you’ll need the installer below, the XNA 3.0 runtime, and maybe the .NET 2.0 runtime , although you probably have it.

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