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‘Getting Over it With Bennett Foddy’ is a game created to frustrate people. You may think that it is not complementary to write such things, but these words belong to the game developer, Mr. Foddy. Frankly speaking, ‘Getting Over It’ does not resemble countless quantities of games with practically the same conceptions. This game is completely different.

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  2. Getting Over It will be available on all platforms This game will be available on Stream on 7/12/2017 here, but now players can buy it through Humble. Getting Over It supports Windows, Mac, iOS platforms; for Windows, you will need Windows Vista or higher with at least 2GB of RAM and 2GB of memory, Or for the Mac, you’ll need 4 GB of RAM.

Bennett Foddy, known for his unique style, is its designer and ‘Getting Over It’ is his cherished brainchild. The game seems to be simple and straightforward, though appearances are deceptive, as we know. As for the plotline, a gamer or protagonist must conquer a mountain, climbing higher and higher, with a help of a sledgehammer. On the way upwards there are plenty of blocks, therefore to reach the top the gamer needs to be careful and accurate. Unfortunately, it does not work, as every gamer constantly fails – the main character plummets upside down – and the game starts over again.

Instructions: Once installed, teleport with left and right arrow keys to new checkpoints! Teleporting works with all gravity options, and all these mods are compatible with the multiplayer mod. Now people can get their money's worth and see the garbage reward you get at the end. (jk it's cool) Enjoy:D.

So, why this game is so popular? Whose dog is dead? Let’s try to find the answer. Originally, Bennett Foddy was fond of ‘Sexy Hike’, the video game, and decided to make something special on this topic, adding personal attitude on one of the urgent questions. Therefore, analyzing the game it is evident that it does not entertain, on the contrary – it irritates, frustrates, and even makes mad. The constant falls down and rises up resemble situations from real life, when some day is successful, and the other is not. The philosophy of lapses and treatment of failure is a pivotal conception, created by means of minimalistic setting and a weird looking hero within the game. The focus is on ascend and plummeting. All the rest is of no importance.

If you get bored of homotypic games and want to try something different, then ‘Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy’ is your chance to master/polish persistence, determination to have things done, and composure.

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Part game part internet phenomenon, Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy is surely a game that you have heard of! This is a game that took YouTube and Twitch by storm! Bennett Foddy is a very clever man and this game is something that he is sure to be remembered for forever.


Hello, I Am Diogenes!

There is a story behind Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy, but it is super weird. You play as a man called Diogenes who is stuck in a pot and needs to make his way up a mountain with the use of a big ass hammer. That is pretty much the point to the game. From what I understand there is some clever tie with a Greek myth, but that is way above what I know.

The basics are, you are at the bottom of the mountain and you need to get as close to the summit as you possibly can.

Frustrating, Annoying, But I Want One More Go!

Make no mistake about it Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy is one of the most frustrating games that you will ever play! You control the game by using his hammer to grip and propel him up the mountain. It is the kind of thing that sounds very, very easy. However, it is anything but. You will fail, fail, and probably fail a million more times. There are no checkpoints so sometimes you get lucky and will just fall a little bit. Other times you can end up nearly all the way back at the start.

One thing that is funny is that Bennett Foddy himself is commentating the whole time that you are playing the game. I am not sure what the point of this is, but it makes you think, makes you mad and even makes you laugh on occasion. There is not a great deal to the gameplay and in my opinion, there is not a ton of skill required, but there is just something so very addictive about it.


A Sense Of Community

Part of what has made Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy such a big hit is the community around it. Watching your favorite internet personalities freak out and get mad is funny. I find that this is the kind of game that is at it most fun when you can play with a friend watching and you guys can take turns seeing who can get the furthest and laughing at each other’s misfortune. In this regard, I think that Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy is a great “party” kind of game, but not for the same reasons a game like Mario Kart, Call of Duty or Super Smash Bros. is!


Getting Over It Download For Pc


This is a very interesting game and one that is well worth trying out. I am not saying that Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy is a masterpiece or anything like that. However, I do think what he has done here is very clever and it is worth checking out, especially if you can play with friends.



  • It is an internet phenomenon
  • Great to play with friends
  • You can make funny videos of yourself playing it
  • The game is easy to start to play
  • You feel like a boss if you can beat it


Getting Over It Free Download Mac

  • Very, very frustrating
  • Not even sure what the point of this is

Get Over It Game Free Download

Overall rating: 6