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Football Manager 2006 was a game that marked another annual release in the soccer management simulator juggernaut owned by Sega Interactive. This franchise is known for its hyper-realistic strategy, tactics, match day simulation and its ability to live the day to day life of a football manager in the most authentic way possible. Football Manager 2006 continues this trend and pushes the series closer to the real thing.

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This series of titles play similar to the LMA manager series and the Championship Manager series. Although Football Manager has pretty much begun to monopolise this genre due to the move away from arcade-style management for a style that is governed by strategy, tactics and attention to detail.

An expansive Database

Even back in 2006, the detail and core database of leagues, teams and players were still stupendous. The game allows you to simultaneously play in a season with 51 playable and fully formed leagues and over 275,000 active players. It's more content than you know what to do with. Though coming from a country like Northern Ireland with footballing infrastructure about as good as a third world country, it was very much appreciated.

A laundry list of things to do

The game is a slow and methodical one, much like the life of a manager, it takes time and effort to craft a team of world-beaters. It requires getting your backroom staff in line, managing the finances, getting the best scouts to find the next big player. It means managing contract extensions, planning friendly matches, attending press conferences, managing egos of the top-end players and nurturing the development players.

This is just the actions that you have to contend with when you aren't even on the pitch or on the training ground. You still need to have solid tactics, team chemistry, your best formation on lockdown and your set-piece takers picked. It gets so detailed that you even pick the measurements for the pitch at the start of the season so you can facilitate narrow or wide play styles. There has been no stone unturned.

Express yourself

Additions to this edition of the series include the ability to express your opinion to players and opposing managers. You can play mind games akin to the famous Alex Ferguson and Rafa Benitez spat from this era. You can comment on managers successes and failures. Plus you can give team talks now. Meaning you can inspire your team to a dramatic turnaround in fortunes if needed.

A little too much at times

One thing that can be frustrating about this title is just how much responsibility you have. Although this is authentic and gives a genuine managerial experience. ItТs not always fun to wade through an hour of admin work just to manage one match of football. The tasks put on your plate can be a lot to ask of one person. Most clubs have the infrastructure to deal with all this stuff and divide responsibility evenly. Though the load times are a little faster than before which does curb some of that wait time between matches.

It's also a little agitating that in the early 2000s, these types of games would have fully simulated 3D rendered matches. So to have little circular cut-outs represent players is a little bit primitive by the standards of past football manager titles.

Live The Dream

There is nothing more brilliant than taking a down on their luck non-league side and gradually climbing the ladder to success. Getting to the top tier and winning at Europe's top level. It's a rush that can only be done authentically through this series and that's down to the fine detail that is constantly being worked upon and added to with each annual addition to this franchise.

Yes, there are drawbacks for those that prefer the arcade manager style. Plus it does seem rather strange that this title in 2006 couldn't render a set of 3D models to represent the match events. Though this is arguably to put the focus on the tactics and other features. Maybe that's generous but when there is that much on offer from developers, you have to give them a by-ball. This was a quintessential football management experience for the time and still holds up well today if you want to turn back time and play with your childhood heroes.



Football Manager 2007 Free Download

  • An astoundingly big database
  • So much detail and things to do
  • Immersive additions to older versions


  • Can be a slog to get from match to match
  • No 3D rendered matches
Overall rating: 8

If you're not a football fan and you've never been tempted by any of the previous Football Manager (or Championship Manager if we go back a few years) games then this years edition is just as unlikely to worm its way into your heart. However, if you've played and enjoyed any of those previous versions, or love football and have yet to try a management game and are wondering if you should test the waters with this then the answer is clear. Download this game!

Of course nothing in life is really that simple, if you've read the above paragraph and decided you fall into the 'download it' category then there are some words of caution that it becomes my responsibility to bestow onto you before you rush off to make your download. Beware, Football Manager (FM) could ruin your life. Don't get me wrong, you won't mind or even notice when it does, but at some point in the future when you're finally dragged from your PC by an event large enough to force its way into your FM addled brain (the second coming or the end of the world, those kind of things) you may look around you and wonder quite where your friends and family, not to mention you career, hobbies and probably what's left of your youth, have vanished to.

It starts off, like all drugs, with a small step, a moment of weakness if you will, after all you've bought the game, the least you can do is install it. Of course then you should run it, just to check it installed properly. Best way to properly check that is to start a new game off, you'll just play it for ten minutes, after all you've got to pick your girlfriend up soon so you can't play long. Time passes and you're sure its not been much longer than ten minutes but it seems darker suddenly and there is a shouting noise coming from somewhere close by which seems to indicate your girlfriends has got a taxi home instead. You avoid the fight by staying on the PC while she watches TV and you stumble to bed hours later unable to sleep because you know that the left winger you need must be out there somewhere and you realized while cleaning your teeth that you'd not checked out the youngster your South American scout recommended.

Suddenly it's a few days later and while you found your left winger ages ago he wasn't enough to stop your season sliding into a fight against relegation that was only avoided on the final day. You gave your celebratory press conference from the shower, by then you'd stopped questioning the presence of Garth Crooks in your bathroom. Its improved since then, you invested the time in setting up a detailed training program for each of your players which along with a couple of fantastic transfer coups from the Bulgarian second division helped avoid the relegation dogfight next time round. You've devoted a lot of resources to widening your scouting network in an attempt to build a new team with the classic blend of youth and experience as well as improving your coaching staff in a bid to progress as a club. It's all paid off and you're on the eve of a play off final. Somewhere in the background you can hear the sound of suitcases being dragged down the stairs and your sure your girlfriend seemed a little upset about something when you last spoke to her, not that you're quite sure when that was anymore.

Free Download Football Manager 2008 Full Version Mac

It's been another week, maybe more, the days have started to blend seamlessly now and you've realized the silence around you has really helped your game as since winning the play off final it's been a bit of a revelation as your youth policy has born fruit and you've taken the Championship, and then the Premiership, by storm. You've stopped giving your press conferences in the bathroom, in fact you rarely go in there now anyway. Garth Crooks doesn't get a look in anymore either, you told Sky you'd only deal with Andy Gray now and luckily he's taken up residence on the sofa next to the PC and doesn't seem to mind that you've been wearing only your dressing gown for what must be over a week now.

It's been another increasingly hard to measure period of time and you've had to work hard to keep your focus as the European glory trail impacted on your league form and you flirted with relegation for a few seasons after your young starlets were bought by Chelsea. You removed the battery from your doorbell as it seemed easier than just ignoring the rings and your mobile battery hasn't been charged in god knows how long, it's worked though you've pulled your way back up the table and despite the media and fan pressure your job seems to be safe for another season.

It's night time, that's about all you can tell, but right now you don't care about such things, unless Arsenal score twice at Blackburn in the last ten minutes and you fail to hold on to this one goal lead then that's it, the title is yours! You barely breath, your hands over your face unable to watch as the minutes tick slowly by. Suddenly you see Arsenal have scored and you're under the cosh, the pressure seems to have got to your team and they are unable to break out of their own half. You make a decision, you haven't got this far by playing safe and the fans love your attacking style but this is the title decider and surely now if ever is the time for caution, a few deft clicks of the mouse and you've changed formation, brought on a defender for a striker and told the team to defend at all costs for the last few minutes. Your hands are back over your eyes as you pace the room unable to watch and yet unable to look away. Suddenly it's all over, you've held on, it was a tactical masterstroke and the title is yours! Tears streaming down your face you ignore Andy Gray's pleas for an interview and race round your house screaming with joy as the adrenaline kicks in. Gary Lineker and Alan Hanson catch up with you in the kitchen and you give in and do an interview detailing the ups and downs of your whole career, they don't seem to have noticed the smell of rotting food coming from the fridge, it's probably the excitement.

It's been a few season since that first taste of success, its easier to measure time in terms of seasons now, night and day seem a little redundant, and you've won the title a couple more times, even picked up the European Cup on one glorious night. There is a knighthood beckoning you're sure and you've just applied for the England managers job which the press seem to think you're bound to get. Suddenly it all goes dark. You blink a few times, nothing. You stare at the screen for a while not sure what happens now, Andy Gray is no help, he's been sulking ever since you gave Linker that exclusive after your first title. Eventually you get up and wander downstairs, its dark there too, you trip over the edge of a pile of mail spilling out of the doorway into the hall - they look like bills, they look like old bills - they have the words 'Final Demand' stamped on them.

'What have I done?' you wonder, realization starting to dawn on you as the FM mist starts to fade.

Football Manager 2008 Mac Download Full Version Windows 7

And there you have it, there is the fate that I feel duty bound to warn you is possibly only a few short clicks of the mouse away. This is a game that becomes a part of your life in a way that only the very very best games can do, and as I said at the top of the review it really is a very simple choice to make. All the new features, tweaks and improvements new to this version, as welcome as they are, are largely immaterial. There are people reading this who still think of FM as a glorified spreadsheet, who fail to see the beauty and the artistry behind the numbers. For them this new version will still fail to convince them, but for the rest of us we know the truth and it sets us free...

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