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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius began a long time ago. Japan, December 18, 1987, marks the official launch of the first installment of the franchise that will define the RPG genre in video games, which is Final Fantasy for the NES. Coined as one of the best-selling franchises of all time, the first Final Fantasy game was a make or break project for its creator Hironobu Sakaguchi. The reason behind the integration of the word “Final” in the game’s title is that, had the game failed, Square would have declared bankruptcy, as explained by Nobuo Uematsu who is responsible for the game’s soundtrack.

Square would need to ship 400,000 copies of Final Fantasy to have enough resources for a sequel. Nevertheless, the game shipped over 520,000 copies in Japan alone, not to mention that the game the modest success of the North American version. Over the years, the Final Fantasy series has managed to sell over 147 million and still growing. It also redefined the battle mechanics of RPGs with the introduction of the Gambit System in Final Fantasy XII.

Humble Beginnings of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Today, the main Final Fantasy series has 15 installments with almost a hundred video game spin-offs and titles under its name. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, which is the game featured on this page is one of those titles. FFBE employs the iconic turn-based battle system seen in previous versions of Final Fantasy. Explore a new narrative and challenges perfect for veteran and new fans of the franchise. The best part is that the game comes free of charge. To that end, let us take a quick look at some of the features of this newly unblocked RPG game for the PC.

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hFinal Fantasy Brave Exvius follows the exploits of a young knight named Rain in his quest to stop a villain called Veritas of the Dark. Traveling with the protagonist is his fellow knight and best friend Laswell along with a mysterious young girl named Fina. With that out of the way, check out some of the notable features of this epic adventure below.

Classic Final Fantasy Gameplay Structure

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius features the classic turn-based gameplay seen in the previous Final Fantasy titles. Unlike the commonly used ARPG combat structure of today’s RPGs, the turn-based system restricts simultaneous attacks or advances by both parties otherwise, each character must wait their turn. Unless if it is part of the character’s special abilities. In other words, the only way for a simultaneous attack to occur is through special abilities.

Turn-based gameplay provides players with just enough time to come up with their tactical approach to the encounter. Also, Turn-based games are much easier to play than the chaotic battle system of ARPGs.

A Plethora of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Characters

Aside from the original characters featured in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius are hundreds of crossover characters from iconic Square Enix titles. Examples include; Rico Rodriguez from the Just Cause franchise, Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, 2B from Nier: Automata, Adam Jensen from the Deus Ex series, Sora from Kingdom Hearts, and so much more. In addition to fictional characters are the appearance of real-life Pop icons Ariana Grande and Katy Perry.

Iconic characters from previous Final Fantasy games including those from RPGs like King’s Knight, Dragon Quest, Star Ocean, Valkyrie, Xenogears, and Octopath Traveler also appear in the game. All characters not native to the game are playable through a gameplay feature called “Vision.” The best part is that the game’s roster is continuously growing so expect more cross over characters in the future.


Solid Reward System

Just like more RPGs, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius features an experience-based ranking system. The game awards Experience points or Exvius Points to players after each mission. The game equally distributes these points to each unit including the dead ones. Gaining a rank also comes with sweet rewards like energy refill and in-game currency.

On top of that are the common features like daily login rewards, daily quest rewards, event rewards, arena participation/weekly rewards, friend gifting, the expedition weekly achievement reward, and daily refresh rewards.

Multiple Challenges to Explore

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius also features a decent selection of game modes in addition to the main quests. Dungeons, for example, come with multiple stages to explore like Wave battle, exploration maps, and esper battle.

Arena, on the other hand, is another challenge that allows players to battle against other player’s AI-controlled units. Winning in arena battles earn players points for the weekly and monthly leaderboard. The more points earned, the higher your rank and the better the reward.

The colosseum is another form of challenge that automatically becomes available after reaching the Royal Capital of Grandshelt in the story. Unlike the other challenges in the game, this mode comes with multiple restrictions. One of which does not permit the use of consumable items. Players must reach 1000 points to face the boss and earn some epic rewards.

Final fantasy 1 mac download version

Then, there’s the Expedition challenge, which, as the name suggests, allows players to send a party on a time-specific quest. Each quest comes with a difficulty rank; this means that sending high-ranking units are sometimes required for a higher chance of success. Units sent on an expedition will gain experience points and bring back treasures, relics, and other items.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is a brilliant combination of both the new and classic elements that made the Final Fantasy franchise what it is today. The best part is that the game comes free of charge and is unblocked for the PC. Check out the game and explore a new Final Fantasy adventure today. And drop by the website for more incredible Role-Playing Games like Lineage2 Revolution and Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes!

Game Features

Download final fantasy free
  • Classic Final Fantasy Combat Mechanics
  • Original Narrative
  • A Huge Roster of New and Classic Final Fantasy Characters
  • Hundreds of Crossover
  • Characters from other Franchise
  • …and so much more

Final Fantasy 1 Mac Download Free

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Final Fantasy 1 Mac Download Version

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