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Wrike is the all-in-one management and collaboration solution that will help you stay connected with your team, whether it's a team of one or a thousand. It manages to combine enterprise social collaboration software, project management applications and task management tools together, enabling professional teams to work together with more clarity and efficiency. The flexible pricing plan means you can tailor the platform to your specific needs, making it a perfect solution for small and medium businesses as well as large corporations.

Task Management

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Wrike's task management features allow you to create tasks and subtasks, which can then be allocated to team members along with a set due date and any attached files. You can add comments or discussions to your tasks and then invite co-workers to join the conversation and contribute ideas. Wrike also supports Twitter-style mentions allowing you to loop colleagues, clients, consultants and any one else you want to join a conversation.

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A great feature of Wrike is that you can save project templates and automate tasks, which helps improve efficiency for recurring projects and tasks. The real-time burn down charts allow you to track a project every step of the way, showing you active, complete and overdue tasks, which means you can monitor progress and address any issues quickly.

Social Collaboration and Communication

The success of a project is greatly increased if you can keep your finger on the pulse, which is why Wrike's instant status reports are such an important feature. Activity streams and newsfeed updates are all provided in real-time, whilst the built-time analytical tools enable you to check progress and set priorities instantly. The collaborative document editor allows all users to edit documents and see any update in real-time, creating a single workspace that can be accessed by all members of a team.

Wrike integrates seamlessly with Gmail, Apple Mail, Outlook, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Excel and Google apps so that you can easily sync your calendar, tasks and project milestones. Team members can even view their collective workload via a colour-coded calendar. If your team uses Apple Mail or Outlook, then one really cool feature is the ability to automatically turn your emails into project tasks. These tasks can then be edited and updated through the interactive tab that sits in your email client.


Gantt Charts

Wrike automatically turns schedules into interactive Gantt Charts, providing you with a visual illustration of your project in real-time, making it easier for you to plan, coordinate and track specific tasks. The simple drag-and-drop functionality means you can quickly make adjustments to schedules, and thanks to automatic team notifications, every member keeps up-to-date with the latest developments.

Wrike For Mac

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Wrike For Desktop

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Wrike offers a SaaS pricing model, with a free version for teams of up to five users. For larger organizations, the company’s Professional plan starts at $49 per month for teams of up to fifteen users. Enterprise solutions are also available for organizations with thousands of users, with custom pricing based on individual needs.

Bottom Line

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If you want to add efficiency to your projects and provide your team with a single workspace, then Wrike is the solution for you. The real-time element is key, as it means you and your team are always up-to-date with the latest developments of your project. Wrike also has an iPhone and Android app so that everyone can stay connected no matter where they go.