Download Virtualbox On Mac

VirtualBox is a free virtualization program that allows you to run any OS on your computer by downloading a virtual machine. Try MacOS on your Windows PC, or install Windows apps on your Mac PC.

Now, let’s get started that how to install Windows 10 on Mac computer by using VirtualBox. Download the VB and Windows 10 ISO. Install the VirtualBox then open it. To install the VirtualBox on.

Try a virtual machine with VirtualBox

  1. Download and Install VirtualBox. The first step is to download VirtualBox from the VirtualBox.
  2. VirtualBox is a free virtualization program that allows you to run any OS on your computer by downloading a virtual machine. Try MacOS on your Windows PC, or install Windows apps on your Mac PC.
  3. Oracle VM VirtualBox is available as Open Source or pre-built Binaries for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Solaris. What's New Oracle VM VirtualBox 6.1.0 was released 1st December, 2019.
  4. VirtualBox 6.1.16 - x86 virtualization software. Download the latest versions of the best Mac apps at safe and trusted MacUpdate.
It is free to use, has an outstanding performance, excellent quality on the virtual machine, and the downloading process is really easy.

Virtualization is very different from emulators. VirtualBox runs on your computer as a guest, so it thinks it is the host, but in reality, the code is not allowed to make any changes on the host, your PC.

This program is very helpful for small businesses or personal use. Download any app or software through VirtualBox, see how it runs on there, and then decide if you want it on your computer or not. If you’re in need of a specific app, but your software doesn’t support it, use VirtualBox to simulate a PC on your computer.

VirtualBox runs on every OS. You can install it on Windows, Linux, Mac, and Solaris. Its broad compatibility makes it perfect for everyone, one of the best features of this program.

The downloading is pretty easy, press the download button, install it, and create your virtual machine with any software you want. No need to struggle with the long installation process, this one is short and easy.

VirtualBox is a great program where you can try different operating systems on your computer and for free.

Is there a better alternative?

Download Virtualbox Mac Os X

No. It is often compared with VMware Workstation, but it doesn’t have the quality that VirtualBox offers, and also the downloading process is a lot simpler. With its free service and great performance, nothing beats it.

Where can you run this program?

VirtualBox can run on Windows, Linux, MacOS, Solaris, and a lot more. It is basically available to any computer on the market.

Our take

VirtualBox is the best free virtualization app out there. You run your favorite OS on your computer, download any app, and try new things without making permanent changes.

Download Virtualbox On Mac

Should you download it?

Yes. This is very useful for those who want a specific app, but their OS doesn’t support it. In this virtual machine you can run any app or program.

Download Virtualbox On Mac


Introduction: Installing Windows on a Mac Using VirtualBox

Have you ever tried to install a Windows operating system on a Mac computer? Have you ever needed a software that is just supported in Windows, but you own a Mac? Did you know you can install windows on your mac using a different tool called VirtualBox? There is also another way of installing Windows through Bootcamp, however running a Windows in the VirtualBox is like running any other application in Mac. In this instructable, you will learn from where you can download VirtualBox and how to install Windows 10 on it.


Minimum Installation Requirement


- Processor 1 GHz or faster. - RAM 2 GB (64 bit). - The hard disk of free space 16 GB - Windows ISO file. It can be downloaded from the link below: - Download VirtualBox from the link below:

Step 1: Download Windows 10 ISO File.

To download Windows ISO file, navigate through the link provided above and select the edition for the windows. Here we are installing Windows 10, so select “Windows 10” and hit Confirm. Once you confirm, choose the language you want for your windows. Go ahead and select “English”. Click the respective bit you want to download; however, we are downloading 64-bit here so click “64-bit Download”.

Step 2: Download and Install VirtualBox in Your Computer.

To download VB, go to the link provided above and select the appropriate version for your machine. And to install the VirtualBox on your mac, simply click the pkg file then click continue.

Step 3: Create Virtual Machine on Mac

To create a virtual machine on Mac, open the VirtualBox first, then tap on the “New”. Once you clicked, a window called “Name and operating system” will pop open. Choose a name and operating system type, and version. Leave the memory size and hard disk option as default. However, you can certainly increase the memory size if your computer has a larger size. In the name field, type “Windows 10” then choose the Windows type and version. In version field, choose “Windows 10 (64-bit)”. Once you are done. Click on the “Create” button.

Step 4: Create Virtual Machine Continue.

Now select the file size for the windows. Adjust the size according to the space available in your Mac. Make sure VDI (VirtualBox Disk Image) and Dynamically allocated is checked. Now click “Create” button to proceed next.

Step 5: Loading Windows 10 ISO File to Virtual Machine.

To load the ISO file, first, click to the “Settings” at the top left corner of the VirtualBox. In the Windows 10 – General window, click on the storage.

(refer to image 1)

In the Storage tab, now click the “Empty” disk button and click disc icon
on the right middle corner to choose the option “Choose Virtual Control Disk File”. Click “OK”.

(refer to image 2)

Now navigate to the downloaded ISO file. Select the ISO file and click “Open”.

(refer to image 3)

Now, click “OK”.

How To Download Virtualbox On Macbook Pro

(refer to image 4)

Step 6: Start Installing Windows 10.

How To Download Virtualbox On Mac

To begin the installation process, click the “Start” with a green arrow. Choose the basic settings for your Windows while installing. For the trial version, you can select “I don’t have a product key”.

After completing the installation process, you can now enjoy Windows on a Mac and download the software you needed to.

Step 7:

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