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From this point on, the instructions are the same for either operating system: 6) Open the wxPython disk image, and run the wxPython installer downloaded in step 3). Next, install a couple more Python modules needed by Cura: 7) In a new terminal window, run: sudo easyinstall PyOpenGL. Log in with your Mac OS password, if prompted for a password.

  1. Sep 22, 2020 The 4.7.1 version of Ultimaker Cura for Mac is available as a free download on our software library. The size of the latest downloadable setup file is 108.7 MB. Our antivirus scan shows that this Mac download is safe. The program lies within Design & Photo Tools, more precisely 3D Modeling.
  2. The current stable version of Cura LE for Windows is v3.6.22 and Mac OS is v3.6.20. LulzBot Bio users will need to use version 3.6.22. Cura LE v3.6.20 Users: The following profile updates are included in 3.6.22, and can be manually imported into Cura LE. Note: MacOS versions of Cura LulzBot Edition do not include support for the M175 Tool Head.

Draggable settings panels

There was a lot of feedback from the 4.0 release about the collapsible settings panels. Based on this feedback, we decided to make them completely draggable. The print settings panel (prepare stage) and the color scheme panel (preview stage) can now be dragged and positioned anywhere in the 3D viewer. A double click of the header will reset each to their default position.

Updated onboarding flow

The onboarding flow on first startup has been updated with a look and feel more in line with the new interface. A series of setup steps will be shown, including Welcome, User agreement, Change log, the option to add a (networked) printer, and the option to sign up/sign in with an Ultimaker account.

Add printer menu

Various updates in the ‘Add printer menu’. The machine settings menu has been updated in line with the new look and feel of the interface, and it's now possible to directly add machines from discovered network printers.

Expert settings visibility

Previously, new settings weren't displayed in the expert preset even though they were expert-level settings. The latest features (e.g. Prime tower brim) are now included in the expert preset, for easy access.

Experimental print profile indicator

When an experimental print profile is activated, the settings panel header will now display an 'Experimental' tag.

Printing guidelines

More information about how to print advanced materials can be quickly and easily accessed via the interface. When a material is chosen in the configuration selector, an icon will appear next to it, which when clicked will direct the user to a 'Printing Guidelines' page specified by the print profile supplier.

Increased rendering speed

Rendering speed improvements that should be quite noticeable with multiple objects on the build plate.

Layer change script

This new post-processing script injects custom Gcode on a layer change, so that manual commands can be defined, e.g. park the print head. Contributed by wporter82.

Prime tower brim


Prime towers might need the extra adhesion of a brim even when the model doesn’t, so an option for a prime tower to print with a brim independently of the model has been added. This setting is available when the adhesion type is set to 'None', 'Skirt' or 'Brim', and the prime tower is enabled. Currently this option doesn’t work with rafts.

Prime tower Gcode comments

Gcode now contains comments to indicate when a prime tower is printed, like so: ;TYPE:PRIME-TOWER

Maximum deviation setting

Previously, the maximum deviation was hard-coded in CuraEngine to be half of the maximum resolution. A new setting has been added that sets the maximum allowed deviation from the original polygon when reducing model resolution. If line segments are shorter than the maximum resolution, they are removed, unless this introduces a deviation greater than the maximum deviation.

Gyroid support

Smartavionics has contributed a new option for a gyroid support pattern, similar to his gyroid infill contribution. A gyroid pattern is relatively efficient with material, so gyroid patterns permeable to water can dissolve faster. It’s also easier to pull gyroid structures off your model with pliers compared to some other support patterns.

Purchase materials

The Marketplace now includes a direct link to a site where users can buy specific materials to work with the corresponding print profile. The link is specified by the print profile supplier through the contributor portal.

Marketplace notifications

When a plugin or print profile in the Marketplace has updates, a badge notification will appear over the Marketplace button and installed packages tab, prompting you to update.

New third-party definitions

  • NWA3D A5. Contributed by DragonJe.
  • Anycubic Chiron. Contributed by BluefireXD.
  • Alfawise u30. Contributed by NicolasNSSM.
  • Cubicon. Contributed by Hyvision.
  • Wanhao Duplicator 9. Contributed by matshch.
  • Creality 3D-X. Contributed by steverc1572
  • Z-Bolt. Contributed by alexkv.
  • TiZYX Evy. Contributed by ValentinPitre.
  • FLSUN QQ. Contributed by ranfahrer.
  • Structur3D Silicone. Contributed by afinkle.
  • TiZYX Evy Dual. Contributed by ValentinPitre.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the application crashed when opening the Ultimaker Marketplace after being logged in for more than 10 minutes. This was due to an expired token when checking network requests.
  • For PLA-PLA support combinations, the horizontal expansion value has changed from 0.2 to 0 by default. This fixes an issue where unnecessary support is generated. The default value for PVA remains the same.
  • Fixed an issue where choosing to 'Update Existing' profile during project file loading did not overwrite the current settings with what was in the project file.
  • Removed the GFF and CFF materials from this version onwards. These materials are intended only for testing and are incompatible with the Ultimaker 2+
  • Fixed an issue where the maximum resolution setting removed more vertices than necessary.
  • Improved gyroid infill to stop very small (less than 10 uM) line segments being created when the gyroid infill lines are connected, increasing print consistency and reliability. Contributed by smartavionics
  • Previously, disabling build plate adhesion would also disable support brim settings. A support brim can now be enabled independently of build plate adhesion.
  • Improved combing moves over thin model areas. Contributed by smartavionics
  • Fixed an issue where the printer selector panel text would exceed the boundaries of popups in languages other than English.
  • Removed the ability to create print profiles with duplicate names in the print profile manager. Print profiles with the equal names would eventually lead to crashes or undefined behavior.
  • Fixed an issue where the application would not remember the previous save path after saving again in the same session.
  • Older machines running Mac OS X don't always support OpenGL 4.0+. For better performance the software can now detect if a machine doesn’t support it, and use OpenGL 2.0 instead. Contributed by fieldOfview.
  • Fixed an issue where the application would crash when selecting the support eraser tool.
  • Fixed an issue where Z seams didn’t snap to the sharpest corner.
  • Fixed issues where prints would have imperfections and on vertical surfaces.

Cura LulzBot Edition is a Free Software program that both prepares your files for printing (by converting your model into GCODE), and also allows you to control the operation of your LulzBot 3D printer.

The latest version features an updated user interface, more slicing options, an updated slicing engine, and better print quality than ever before. Keep Cura LulzBot Edition updated to have the latest pre-set Cura print profiles, developed and tested by the LulzBot team to ensure the best performance out of your LulzBot!

Download, Installation, and Removal Instructions


Find links and instructions based on your operating system in the tutorials below.

Current Version: 3.6.22 [Release Notes]

Cura LulzBot Edition v3.6.22 Notes:

The Windows and MacOS versions of Cura LE 3.6.21 have not been tested and should be considered experimental. The current stable version of Cura LE for Windows is v3.6.22 and Mac OS is v3.6.20. LulzBot Bio users will need to use version 3.6.22.

Cura LE v3.6.20 Users: The following profile updates are included in 3.6.22, and can be manually imported into Cura LE.
Note: MacOS versions of Cura LulzBot Edition do not include support for the M175 Tool Head. An update is currently in development, please watch for notification of availability.



  • Download the profiles above
  • Open Cura LE
  • Select LulzBot Workhorse HE or LulzBot TAZ Pro Dual Extruder as the active printer
  • On the right-hand side of the Cura LE window in the Profile section, press the drop down arrow, and select Manage Profiles
  • Press the Import button
  • Select one of the profiles downloaded earlier and press the Open button
  • The profile will now be available in the Profile drop down list

Cura LulzBot Edition versions 2.6.69 and above contain firmware standardized for use with all LulzBot Mini 3D Printers, and contains important bug fixes. However, once your firmware has been updated to or beyond, GCode files sliced with earlier versions of Cura LE will no longer be compatible and will have to be re-sliced using the latest version of Cura LE.

We recommend using the latest firmware included within Cura LulzBot Edition to maximize long-term compatibility. Users that need to use existing GCode files can restore compatible firmware ( or below) through Legacy Cura LulzBot Edition v21.08.

Cura LulzBot Edition version 2.6.69 includes proposed LulzBot TAZ 5 slicing profiles with built-in filament temperature settings. Marlin Firmware 1.1.5 and later removes the built-in filament temperature presets from the Graphical LCD Controller menu. Users that prefer to use the filament temperature presets included with some legacy firmware can use the firmware included within Legacy Cura LulzBot Edition v21.08.

Minimum System Requirements


Operating System

Debian 7 or newer
Fedora 23 or newer
Ubuntu 15.10 or newer
Windows 7 or newer
Mac OSX 10.7 or newer

Minimum Hardware Requirements

OpenGL v2 compatible graphics card
Suggested: OpenGL v4 or higher
for full functionality
Intel Core 2 or AMD Athlon 64 or newer
1 GB of RAM or more

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End User License Agreements (EULA)

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Cura LulzBot Edition, a Free Software solution for Fused Filament Fabrication 3D printing, is distributed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License Version 3 (LGPLv3).

Copyright © 2017, 2018, 2019 FAME 3D - Released under terms of the LGPLv3 License.

Copyright © 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 FAME 3D - Released under terms of the AGPLv3 License.

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Derived from Cura, which was created by David Braam and Ultimaker. Copyright © 2013 David Braam - Released under terms of the AGPLv3 License.

This program is Free Software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

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This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details. You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public License along with this program. If not, see