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Why SPARKvue?

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SPARKvue makes data collection, analysis, and sharing quick and easy on every platform. Compatible with all of PASCO’s wireless and PASPORT sensors, students canquickly set up their lab, or use a built-in Quick Start Lab and begin collecting data immediately. SPARKvue is for all sciences and grade levels. However, if you’re anadvanced user looking for more capabilities such as video analysis, advanced statistics and calculations, and greater customization of data displays on a PC or Mac®, thencheck out our PASCO Capstone™ software.

Since SPARKvue was first released, it has been winning awards, and we never stop improving it. With the latest major release of SPARKvue 4, we’ve continued toadd features without adding complexity. A new Welcome Screen makes it easy to get started and discover SPARKvue’s capabilities. Whether you want to add datamanually, use sensors for real-time or remote logging, or open one of the hundreds of existing labs, this is your starting place.

My Cisco Spark

Data Collection

Cisco mobile free download - Cisco Packet Tracer Mobile, Cisco AnyConnect, Cisco Jabber, and many more programs. Enter to Search. Cisco Spark is a space for people to get work done. Need more help using Spark? It only take a few clicks to set up an integration built by Cisco on the Cisco Spark Depot. No knowledge of coding or APIs is required. Each integration is different and has its own unique set of triggers and requirements. Check out Cisco Spark online knowledgebase here. To add an integration to a Cisco Spark space: 1.

Using a USB or an interface, with SPARKvue you can just plug-and-play with nearly one-hundred sensors via Bluetooth®, which pairs wireless sensors through asimple in-app list (no system settings are required). PASCO understands that classrooms and labs can be hectic, so SPARKvue allows you to simply select asensor from the sorted list (the closest sensors are first) and match a 6-digit laser-etched ID number to get connected. This method works even when there aredozens of Bluetooth sensors in the same lab.

Cisco Spark Download Mac

Once you’ve selected a sensor, choose from a template or Quick Start Experiment, or you can build a page to meet your needs. SPARKvue is designed for inquiry,and students are not constrained to a few pre-selected layouts… the software can support expanding capabilities with ease.

Collecting and visualizing data is easy with an array of displays, and the tools you need for analysis are right at your fingertips. Students can annotate data, apply curve fits,compare runs, create calculations, and much more! In-context tools make it simple to find what you’re looking for, which means that students spend their time learning the science,not the software.


Whether you’re teaching K–8, high school, or college students, SPARKvue has the displays and tools you need to collect and analyze data. The basics you’d expect (suchas digits, meter, graph, and table) are all included, but you will also find FFT, bar graphs, map display, embedded assessment questions, video playback, image capture andanalysis, as well as space for text and images. The labs you can build are only limited by your time and creativity.

Data Sharing and Export

Cisco Spark Download Mac

When it’s time for students to submit their work, SPARKvue supports a variety of formats, and its export tools make it easy for educators. Students can easily snapshot their workin SPARKvue and submit an image, export the data to a .csv file to work in a spreadsheet, or save it in our .spklab format, when they can come back and do more work in the future.SPARKvue also supports many other apps for saving or sharing data, including Google Drive on Chromebooks™.


Cisco Spark Download For Windows 10

If students are collaborating on a lab activity across devices, they can set up a shared session and stream results in real-time. Then, when the session is over, each student willhave a copy of the data to analyze independently. These sessions can be set up in seconds within a student group, or the entire class can share the data from a teacherdemonstration.