Avatar The Game Mac Download

Avatar The Game Mac Download
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Back in the mid-2000s, Nickelodeon was going from strength to strength, with original animated and live-action shows growing the popularity of the channel exponentially. They were on top of the world and aimed to move into a more teen and adult market while still pandering to the kids who they had built their foundation on. So how would they appeal to all demographics? Through a show called Avatar: The Last Airbender which would grow so popular that it would get a video game of the same name.

An ancient evil force has emerged from the portals and threatens the balance of both worlds! Only the Avatar stands a chance in defeating this new threat!. Original Avatar storyline penned by the TV show’s creators. Wield the power of all 4 elements—water, earth, fire, and air as only the Avatar can!. Change bending styles at any time to unleash devastating combos. Avatar was one of the most expensive movies ever created, with jaw-dropping visual effects and one of the first true 3D experiences made available to the public. Unexpectedly, a video game has been made to give you a first-hand look at the fascinating universe depicted in the film, complete with most of.

This game would play similarly to the hack and slash licenced games of the time. Games such as The Lord of the Rings movie tie-in games or the Star Wars movie tie-in games. Or perhaps the Lego games at a push. However, this game would not have the same co-op capacity of these game series and would merely try to replicate their gameplay mechanics and format.

One for the fans

One thing this game does brilliantly is sticking religiously to the source material provided by the animated series. Firstly, the story for this title is one that will be familiar to fans of the series. Although it’s not a straight lift from the show, the events have their roots within the narrative, with the fire benders being the antagonists and the water nation being the allies.

Avatar The Game Mac Download

The game has a plot and varied side quests that will hold your attention and have you doing good deeds for those that you encounter, much like the actual show. However, there is a real problem with pacing within the title that makes all this decent storytelling fall flat.The game allows you to control the four key characters within the series main party and grants you unique fighting styles, weapons and special moves. However, the combat rarely feels nuanced for fully fleshed out. It’s one of those titles where you could play with your index finger and tap buttons at random to succeed. It’s good that the game has varied combat moves and animations but they are without any substance to make the effort worthwhile.

Plus, the unique moves are given early within the game and with little context. You just learn these skills and they become just another move in your repertoire. Then there is no real reason to drive onwards beside the story that the game relies on heavily.

Looks the part

The game does a fantastic job of replicating the visual stylings of the anime series. The game has fully realised environments from the series and character models that are instantly recognisable. The cel-shaded style of the visuals lend themselves well to the storytelling and although it doesn’t blend any hand-drawn aspects like some of these titles often would do, it is still a valiant effort to capture the charm of the series. The animations are the only downside is they are overused and repetitive.

Then as for sound, the authentic voice actors from the show lend their talent to the game with great effect. Each line is delivered well by the main characters and NPC’s alike. However, the sheer amount of enemies you’ll encounter means you’ll be tired of all the phrases they can offer as you’ll hear them hundreds of times over. Then sadly, the musical score is nothing more than background music at best.

Hopefully the Last Airbender

This game succeeds in parts when adapting this series into an action-adventure, however, it so many ways it fails to meet the mark. The visuals, voice acting and storyline are the high points of the game but don’t do nearly enough to rescue this game from the bland and repetitive gameplay. The combat system is oversimplified and only offers new moves as novelties rather than useful assets to the player.

Then the game also takes this novelty aspect into the way you use each character, there is little reason to not stick with Aang unless completing arbitrary mini-games to progress. Then arguably the most critical failure is the absence of a co-op function. This would have at least allowed you to have fun with a friend in this universe but instead, you have to go it alone. Fans of the series will find joy with this one and even casual action-adventure fans will be able to appreciate aspects of this game such as the decent levelling system perhaps. Overall though, it’s a game that doesn’t live up to the lofty standards of the source material.


Avatar The Game Mac Downloads

  • Decent visuals
  • Authentic voice acting
  • Competent levelling system
  • Compelling story and side quests


  • Bland combat system
  • Recycled assets
  • Repetitive gameplay
  • Absence of co-op
Overall rating: 6

Avatar The Game Mac Download Free

Set on the fantastical sci-fi planet of Pandora, James Cameron's Avatar: The Game is a third-person adventure with RPG-style character development, featuring predominant shooting and melee combat action. The game's story poses challenges to the player's moral perspectives, as well. A prequel to the movie, set two years earlier, Avatar: The Game follows its own original storyline. Humans have come to the planet to harvest valuable minerals. They find themselves at war with the dominant native species, the Na'vi, a humanoid race of great size and strength but only stone age technological development. The futuristic humans have developed a method by which they can remotely take control of a mindless, genetically engineered Na'vi body, and experience existence through this avatar.

Players take the role of a character named Able Ryder, who is a signals specialist soldier with the human Resource Development Agency, or 'RDA.' From mission to mission, the game moves from Ryder's experiences as a human soldier, and those in the role of a Na'vi avatar. Players can chose their character's gender and customize appearance, and add skills and abilities as they gain experience and power by progressing through the adventure. They will eventually face a crucial choice, similar to that of Jake Sully in the film: To remain loyal to the RDA, and lead the human forces to claim control of the planet, or to assume the identity of their avatar and side with the Na'vi, leading the native people to expel the invading humans from their sacred grounds.

As a human soldier, the game plays like a 3D third-person shooter. Players have access to high-tech weapons and equipment to help them survive in the brutal environments of Pandora, where hungry, dinosaur-sized creatures hunt and lurk all throughout the surreal wilderness. Humans can also use vehicles, including large, heavily armed, walking mech suits that are more than a match to the sheer physical strength of the towering natives. In the role of Ryder's ten-foot tall Na'vi avatar, players excel in melee combat, swinging a mighty battle staff, and gain expertise with a (truly) long bow as well. Na'vi also have all the advantages of a native people, and even the indigenous creatures may come to their aid, if properly coaxed.

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